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Charity Christmas Tree Collection

In November 2020 a close friend was involved in an accident that required help from the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. Unfortunately they lost their life. But after seeing the AMAZING work from this charity, and finding out they rely solely on donations we set to work.

In December 2020 we decided to help this charity and the environment. Once the Christmas period is over many people struggle to get rid of their living Christmas trees. We will collect these from your address for a small (minimum donation of £8 - via bank transfer or cash) donation. These trees are then chipped and recycled to become a fertilizer on local farmland.

Christmas 2020 - we raised £1675.00
Christmas 2021 - we raised £2300.00
Christmas 2022 - we rai
sed £1885.00

Christmas 2023 - we raised £


If you require your tree collecting and would like to help this charity and the environment please get in touch.

Christmas Tree Collection Dates

Hertford 1st & 5th

Ware 2nd & 6th

Stanstead Abbots/Hoddesdon 3rd & 7th

Stevenage 4th & 8th

Please call or message either of the below to book in:




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